About us

HeartStrings Harp Centre, founded in 2004, offers private and group harp lessons
for all ages from beginner to diploma levels.
Our team of dedicated and experienced teachers inspires the love of music
in a creative and supportive environment.              
Play the strings of your heart. Connect people through music and love...


Mini Harpers 豎琴寶寶 

Age: 3 –4

Use of fun colour notation system gives your young child a joyous first music experience on the harp. Songs, movement games, storytelling and art activities help the children to develop fine motor skills, aural and rhythmic sense, eye-hand coordination and social skills, and inspire them to enjoy music making on the harp.  (Parent participation recommended)

Rainbow Harpland®  繽FUN豎琴坊

Age: 4– 5 

Our popular certificate course for young beginners, incorporating the Rainbow of Sounds Program from the USA.  Through storytelling, songs, rhythm games and artactivities, students learn basic harp techniques. They will perform in a musical play at the end of the course. Suitable for children with or without prior musical training. (Parent participation welcome)

Little Harpers  豎琴小樂手

Age: 6- 12

An introductory harp class designed for beginners. Solid technical foundation is the key to kick start a music journey, and to inspire passion for playing the harp. Students learn to play solo or with the group, and to play songs they enjoy, while building confidence to perform.

Students learn to play one song of their own choice on the harp
over the course of 4 lessons
(60 minutes / lesson) 


Private Harp Course 

Students learn to play one song of their own choice on the harp as well as the piano 
over the course of 4 lessons 
(75 minutes / lesson)

Private Two-Instrument Course (Harp + Piano)

 Students submit their own choice of music or choose from the song list provided below:
  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Theme From Lion King)
 • My Heart Will Go On 
    • Always With Me  (千與千尋)
• Beauty and the Beast 
• Itʼs a Small World 
• 我的宣⾔  (周柏豪) 
• 世上只有 (容祖兒)
• 願(林憶蓮)

Group Harp Class

Students learn to play 4 songs  over the course of 4 lessons  
(including 3 set pieces and 1 own choice)
One-off lessons for the set pieces are available
Private group lessons are highly encouraged  
(90 minutes 2-4 students / lesson)

Set pieces :
• Can You Feel The Love Tonight (Theme From Lion King)
• My Heart Will Go On 
• Always With Me  (千與千尋)

*Suitable for adults and teenagers 
*Studentʼs own choice of music should be submitted and approved by teacher 1-2 weeks beforehand
*All songs will be rearranged to suit each student’s level
*Students of all abilities are welcome  
*Students with music background may learn additional song upon teacher’s approval 
*A free 30-minutes harp practice session after each lesson


Donna  Tsui harp teacher aoyama harp heartstrings harp centre harp centre 豎琴中心 北角豎琴中心 炮台山豎琴中心 兒童豎琴課程老師  children harp teacher
Donna Tsui


harpist 豎琴老師 Joan lee. 兒童豎琴 豎琴老師 豎琴演奏 harp harp teacher JPG
Joan lee
Sally Li
Leanne Li


HeartStrings is the Hong Kong distributor for Aoyama Harps.
Pedal and lever harps , manufactured in Japan, demonstrate beautiful craftsmanship inspiring design , quality materials, accurate mechanism and attention to details.
Students can rent or purchase harps to suit their learning needs.

aoyama harp pedal harp japan harp 豎琴 日本豎琴 腳踏式豎琴 香港豎琴中心 香港豎琴